Try a Truth Board in the New Year

Vision boards are very popular and are used to display images of what you want to be or want to have. I want to share another option to help give your vision clarity, reinforce your daily affirmations, and keep your attention on your intentions. It’s a Truth Board. Your Truth Board is a tool that represents the realities and facts about who you are and how you want to live your life. It’s an outline for the master plan of your life’s intentions. I believe that the by-products of your Truths, are the items normally seen on most Vision Boards.

Your Truths will probably not change much over time because your Truths are fundamental, foundational beliefs that you live your life. Keep your Truth Board simple and succinct. Also include an “I am” statement for each image that you select to represent each Truth. “I am” is one of the most powerful statements that exist and it will fuel your Truth. The “I am” statement cements your Truth into existence and is a constant affirmation to reinforce an existing Truth or to manifest a new Truth. Try not to include things on your Truth Board. Remember, you are more than things. Things do not make you who you are. The things will come as s result of your life’s Truths being activated. Have fun and share your Truth Board with others to inspire someone that needs your encouragement.

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